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  • We are very fortunate to have Sophia Lai to represent us in selling our 5000 sq ft custom home on the Mission Hills. 

    Because of our relationship with the business community and heavy community involvement in Fremont, we have known many realtors in the area. We chose Sophia due to her extreme professionalism, knowledge of the real estate market and unique marketing strategy. During the selling process, we had encountered some challenges. Because of Sophia’s skill, patience, and dedication to her clients, she had helped us go thru an emotional process and turned it into a smooth sailing. We have been extremely impressed on her efforts and services. Without a doubt, we will recommend her to our family, friends and business associates. You are welcome to call us at 510-676-7139 for any further information. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with her impeccable services. Henry Yin & Maria Yin - California State Economic Development 

  • It has been a while since we sold our house in Fremont and moved to Los Altos. I want to let you know that you were the best agent we ever worked with. At the time of selling the house, I was busy growing the engineering consulting firm I founded and raising two teenagers. My husband was an executive of a high-tech firm. We could not have done it without you. 

    You not only took care of what a typical agent did including appraisals, advertising, putting up signs, having open house, and closing escrow, you were there for us for much more. You set up appointments and worked with all the various contractors including interior decorator, gardener, plumber, carpenter, termite inspector, building inspector etc., with our input of course, to get the house ready for sale. Your professionalism and exceptional services were greatly appreciated, especially by busy home owners like us. Selling house was one of the life changing experiences for us and for anyone. It can be very hectic and stressful. You made this transition in our life easy that we will never forget. It would be my great pleasure if anyone requires a reference check on you. 

    Chwen Siripocanont - CCS Planning and Engineering, Inc.

  • I met Sophia through my family when I moved to Fremont in 1989. To us, she is actually more a family friend than just a realtor. In 1992, when I started to search a home for my growing family, Sophia spent a lot of time patiently guiding us to look many properties. We finally purchased the house that we have been living in for 11 years. I would say that this is our best "buy" and best investment. The house is located at a convenient yet somewhat secluded area. Some of our friends who have lived in Fremont for more than 20 years did not know there were these nice custom-made houses in this area.

    Sophia is very knowledgeable in the housing market. She is very thorough in getting all the information we requested. She goes extra miles in making a best deal for us. I thank her every time when our visitors said nice things about our home. I certainly will recommend her excellent service to anyone who is looking for an experienced professional realtor to buy or sell a property.

    Paul Cheng, M.D. & Yue-Mei Cheng, Ph.D.

  • Sophia Lai receives my hearty recommendation as my real estate broker. Since 1993, Sophia has helped me to obtain two highly sought-after homes in the Fremont Mission San Jose area as well as my current mansion in Pleasanton. 

    I am indebted to Sophia’s kindness, hard work, ability to listen and understand her client’s needs. With years of experience, Sophia has provided me with her incredible insight regarding real estate business. She also has often assisted and advised me in making intelligent decisions in time-pressured situations. 

    Sophia enjoy spending time with her family and is dedicated to her clients. I have had the privilege of working with Sophia and I found that her reliability and integrity are beyond expectation. Her impeccable reputation has gained her great respect in the real-estate circle. 

    I recommend my real estate broker and my friend, Sophia Lai, to you without reservation. I am confident that she will serve you well. 

    Daniel c. Chen, D.D.S. Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

  • I had a very satisfying house hunting experience with Sophia Lai. 

    She was recommended to me by a close friend in March 2009, when I was just starting to look for a rental property. 

    She paid a lot of attention to my requirements up front, and provided a quick market summary and an appropriate listing to prepare me for the next step. Then she would take me on a road show to see appropriate properties. 

    Her comprehensive knowledge, ranging from real estate market, school districts, to rental market, coupled with her honesty and integrity, makes my house hunting a productive and pleasant experience. 

    Once I've identified a subject property, she works diligently and was very proactive and attentive to the details from bidding, closing, renovation, all the way to the rental arrangement. 

    I would recommend her to anyone looking for a rental property or just looking for a solid and trust-worthy broker.

    Limin Hu, Ph.D.  Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

  • "Sophia is our friend for many years. Back in 2012, we already considered selling our house in Mission Area and moving into a smaller one since our children left for college. During these two years, Sophia had been giving us good ideas and advice as a friend until we were ready to buy and sell.

    It is extremely stressful when it comes to buying and selling a home. In addition, my husband has to travel a lot for business and both our elderly parents in Asia need a lot of support at the same time. Facing endless trips overseas and many important decisions to be made, we both felt mentally and physically drained. Sophia, acting as our agent for the sale of the house, had truly relieved us in many ways. I must thank her in particular for the very efficient cleaners and contractors she introduced to us.

    The sale was not all smooth at the beginning. However, Sophia really showed her determination to do her job well. She took many extra miles to take care of the difficult situations and made sure both the buyers and sellers have a fair deal. We truly appreciate her diligence and honesty. She found us very pleasant buyers. She accompanied us till the very closing day of escrow. We are grateful that she is such a responsible and hardworking agent."

    Sam and suzetta Ng

  • Sophia Lai was recommended by a very good friend. My family started to search for home in the Dec. Due to the high demand and our requirement of high quality and in a very good school district, we did not bid successfully in the beginning. Due to Sophia 's determination and hard work and using her inside connection of the super competitive real estate Market she was able to find us this beautiful luxury home at a very reasonable price in Feb 2015.

    Since we were in need of time constrain, Sophia worked very hard to complete all the necessary inspections and repair estimates and had been to the city of Fremont few times to do the necessary research in different aspect. She was very efficient and was able to close the escrow and moved us in our new home in a timely manner. She was with us all the way to get the furniture , misc utility and internet connections, make sure the repair of plumbing, electrical , termite, roof are done correctly and even me to select a good gardener.

    She told us , this is only the initial face, and she will be with us forever, and we are welcome to call her at any time, including anything with the house and also our kids' schools and after school's activities. We just moved from out of town and to find such a helpful and knowledgeable realtors is so valuable to us.

    We are very happy with her service and will recommend Sophia to anyone at any time. WANG ZHIYUAN

  • We are very happy to have Sophia help us in obtaining the dream house for our growing family. We had known quite a lot realtors, including some good friends that were also realtors. However we were very impressed with her PROFESSIONALISM and decided to have her representing us.

    We are very happy that we made this right choice , otherwise, we may not have gotten this dream house and may also have ended up paying higher price.

    She also make sure we understand all the ins-and-outs about the property and escrow procedure. She is very quick to answer any question we may have or anything that we should know as a buyer. We think her unique approach toward her specialty, understanding the property and her client needs, make her top in her field.

    We really enjoyed working with Sophia and will recommend her in any high-end or regular home purchases. Sophia knows them all and she is passionate to help the customer.

    PS: Even after the Escrow is closed she spent her time to make sure all the necessary information is transferred to us from the seller. This is our second home. We never seen or heard an agent going extra mile to help the customer.

    Murali Alapati

  • We were looking to move to a bigger house last year and was so lucky to have found Sophia as our realtor. Her guidance throughout the entire process and beyond was invaluable, and we were very happy with the results.

    Sophia was very patient to listen and find out what we really liked. Eventually she found us this beautiful house with huge unique backyard. With her experience and reputable connection in the real estate business, she was able to negotiate and got the house for us at a reasonable price among several competitive bids. She provided very detailed guidance and advice regarding home inspection, financing and many other things. She was on site during all the inspections. She spent long time going through the reports with us, pointing out various concerns and explaining things in excruciating details to make sure everything is well understood.

    After we bought the house, Sophia also spent hours to share her experience to help us find good tenants for our old house. Her valuable advices not only saved us time/efforts, but also saved us from tons of worries and concerns.

    With her assistance, we have a smooth sailing all the way. We really liked her experience, professionalism and friendship. We will recommend her to any one that need real estate service. 01/07/2013 - sisily62

  • We had a wonderful experience with Sophia buying our new home in 2012 under GOD’s blessing. Sophia was so patient for looking the home with us since 2010 and always there to answer questions or get more information for us. We were extremely impressed with her 30 years real estate market experience and her biding price sense to get our dream house with a satisfied price. We would like to recommend Sophia to friends and family and appreciate her service from our heart.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jackie Lee & Cecily Lin

  • We are very happy to meet Sophia and had her helping us to find our beautiful ideal beautiful home. In the early part of 2012, market is very good for the seller at the price in the School district we want. Most listings will have many offers. We are very lucky to have Sophia as our buyer agent. With Her sharp sense of the real estate market, many years experience and top negotiate skill, We finally ,obtain our dream home with the price that we felt comfortable. We are very happy with her service, hope you will be the next lucky one to have her on your side. 10/11/2011 - maggiemlin

  • Sophia knows our target area (Fremont Mission San Jose) inside out. She took good care of us and she is so capable of helping us out in all expects of choosing and buying a house! We would not be able to get our dream house with a wonderful price. She walked extra miles for our mortgage application, house inspection and repairs. I really appreciate her service.  maggiemlin on 10/11/2011

  • My wife and I had a really great experience with Sophia buying our new home. Sophia was patient in explaining the whole process to us newbies and always there to answer questions or get more information for us. We really felt that she worked incredibly hard to get the best deal for us and had our best interests at heart. We were very impressed with the level of care, expertise, and professionalism we received. Calls and emails were always returned almost immediately. They were responsive and we always felt like we were her most important client. We also received frank and knowledgeable advice and never felt jerked around. We would recommend Sophia to friends and family without reservation.

    Qin Liang and Wayne Huang

  • Sophia is a friend of mine for decade, I knew she is a very experienced realtor agent but I did not know what a excellent services she delivers until she helped me to buy a house in Irvington area. Through my journey finding a home,Sophia has shown me countless houses, she is very knowledgeable in the market, always attentive to the details, with her extrodinary instinct,she offer her professional information and profound persepective which help to ease my anxiety;I feel that gradually I was well educated and equipped to make a good decision. Sophia has great sense when suggesting a price to offer, and because of her responsive and timely communication with the other party, I bought my dream house.I eventually refer her to my sister who also purchased a beautiful home in Fremont. I never expect that buying a home can be such a trouble-free, with her in my side, I had a smooth sailing. Sophia is the only agent I will work with in the future. hope94539 on 05/06/2011

  • I have bought multiple houses with Sophia as my buying agent. I highly recommend her for market expertise, intuition and attention to detail. She has shown me countless number of houses and with every visit, she provided me with a valuable insight into the neighborhood, listing price, comps etc. I have already referred her to a few of my friends who are looking to buy a house in the near future...ofcourse I myself will not go with anybody else, when I am in the market again. skanthadai on 04/25/2011

  • We are very happy to have Sophia as our agent to help us to find our 1st investment property. She is very knowledgeable and 100% dedicated to her job. She did a complete analysis for us based on our situation and helped us to find a house that fitted our needs. We are impressed with her efforts and services and will recommend her to our friends. yaling on 04/24/2011

  • Sophia helped me acquire an REO property for investment last year. She was very helpful in searching for the right type of property based on my criteria and assisted in comparable market analysis and the bidding that was expected. She also helped to make sure all the inspections were done and later worked with my contractor to repair and upgrade the property, putting rental ad out, screening applicants and found a good family as tenant for me. Excellent and professional service. albertwang94539 on 04/23/2011

  • I had several transcations through Sophia in years, she always kept me in the loop on the status, provided suggestion on options, made valuable advices, quick responsed to my queries, and helped me get the best deal.

    Sophia was always there and was good about getting back in touch with me either through email or over the phone. Sophia will go out of her way to find the answer for me if she could not answer it right away. Overall the process went quickly. Sophia always provides a great service in a timely manner. All my transactions handled by Sophia went very smoothly.

    I consider Sophia as my personal friend and believe that is the greatest compliment. jclmin on 04/23/2011

  • Ms Sophia Lai is a Super Agent for me. She helped me to sell my previous house, at top dollars, and also help get me into the current residence with minimum hassles. She looks after all the potential issues and get them resolved before it becomes a real issue. At first, I was a bit nervous with all the things that need to be arranged and overcome for a quick sale to potential buyer. But, at the end, it all paid off as we sold our house on the first Open House to a new buyer for our asking price. The deal was closed within a month and we are all set to move into the new one just like it had planned.

    Going thru all the house prep and obstacle clearance was not always pleasant and smooth, but with her resourcefully and well connected network, we quickly resolved the issues.

    She is knowledgeable, experience, well connected, detail oriented. We left things to her and she delivered.

    I am glad to team up with Sophia. I accomplished the goal of moving to the school district of my choice for my kids, and getting top dollar for the sale plus the house that we targeted for the move.

    Yes, I would use her again if we ever have Real Estate needs for this area in the future, both sale and purchase.

    Ivan Chan

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